Who we are 



My name is Hiromi, CEO of Sokenmedical Co., Ltd.

We develop and manufacture medical devices called electro-magnetic therapy devices.

Many Olympic and Paralympic athletes are using our treatment devices.

Currently, football players are using it the most.

We help athletes with the conditioning aspect of their grueling schedules.


ヘッディング 1

ヘッディング 1

This relationship has made me very fond of soccer. I have watched many games often.

How can we help make them better ?

Luckily I met Dr. Dr. Matthias Lochmann. He is now a leader in the German football academy.


Matthias was of the same mind as me.

When his son started playing football, he thought

"Too big a pitch, too many players, a few good players and the rest just standing around..."

Matthias decided to change the academy system for his son. A few years later we met.

ヘッディング 2

Playing football is a four-part process: perception, understanding, decision making, execution.

Seventy percent of mistakes during play occur in the first three processes, but practice is focused on the last, execution.

If you watch a football school practice:

Passing, dribbling, shooting...it's all about execution.

Have you ever heard of the term "game intelligence"?


Game intelligence is a four-part process of procession, understanding, decision making, and execution to control the ball, time and place.


Based on Matthias' ideas, we started to develop tools to train perception, understanding and decision making while playing.

This is our development team.


There are other systems for training and develop of cognition training in football players, but they are very expensive and complicated.

Only elite teams with money can afford them.

We want to give every kid who loves football a chance.


Here's a prototype we developed.

You can control the colors of the bibs and goals with your smartphone.

The kids come alive when they use the prototype.

It's just like street soccer.

That's exactly what we wanted.


It's not just freedom in soccer that we're aiming for.

We think this can be used in basketball and handball, education, healthcare and any other area.